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WaterSkier For Windows (Multi) V6 2016

WaterSkier for Windows (Multi) is a Windows application designed to run a multi-round slalom, figures and jump water ski competition, according to the British Water Ski Federation Ski League rules.

The application has been used in many league tournament from 1998, with additional functionallity being added all the time. The application is now available as a limited production version for the 2014 season for evaluation (the software will be limited to a small number of competitors and and will warn you that it is an evaluation version).
If you are a member of BWS or a member of an Affiliated Club, contact the BWS office to request a licence code to use the software for BWS registered Ski League events.

If you wish to evaluate the software then Click on the link below to download the self extracting zip file.
To install the software, save the WSSMultiV6Install2014.exe program to a temporary folder and run it to extract and run the installation program. Click Setup to install the software. You will need to then download the Program Update and save this to the install folder (the default is "C:\Program Files\WaterSkier for Windows (Multi) V6")

From version 6.001 there is now an update manager that will automate the updates of the WSSMultiV6 program file and the competitor lookup file.

PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT use the UpdateManager to update from Version 6.1nn to 6.2nn (2014). If you do this, the program will stop working correctly due the the changes for the 2014 season. You MUST uninstall the original version before installing the 2014 version. To do this go to the Control Panel and use either Add/remove programs or Programs and features, select Waterskier for Windows and click the remove button. If you have multiple version, please remove all versions (after doing the first uninstall, you may get errors on subsequent uninstalls if you have mulitple versions installed)

Download the WaterSkier for Windows (Multi) V6 (2016) Install Program (Build 6.400 (11/05/2016))(FULL PACKAGE) (3.4Mb).

Once you have the software installed, please use the UpdateManager to download any updates.